Monkey with a Gun - more images June 26 2015, 0 Comments

More images of the Monket with a Gun piece: this is the Bone color, showing off both the underpad to keep your shelves scratch-free, as well as the amazing packaging:

FUnicorn production update - get some tail April 21 2015, 0 Comments

The tail is where the magic is kept. Rainbow, swishy, magical tail.
The magical FUnicorn is multiplying in the magical factory right now and will magically appear on your doorstep later this year.
More exact details will be magically beamed to your computer. We are guessing the FUnicorns will ship out from magical factory sometime in May. Till then we will be peppering the internet with insane FUnicorn videos.

Mike Mignola Monkey with a Gun production update #2 April 21 2015, 0 Comments

Above - standard "Bronze" color of Mike Mignola's Monkey with a Gun sculpture, and below are the Bone editions. Factory is finishing up the painting and starting on packaging. Monkey with a Gun should be ready to leave the factory some time in May.

FUnicorn production update from the #ZEROFUCKS Factory April 03 2015, 0 Comments

It's #ZeroFucksFriday and we are celebrating with a massive #ZEROFUCKS campaign on Twitter and Facebook!

Apparently the #ZeroFucksFactory wanted to get in on the FUN as well because they sent us this image of a BIG PILE OF NOT GIVING A FUCK! FUnicorns are in production now. Oh, frabjous day!

You can still preorder your own FUnicorn in the Taste the Rainbow Edition, Gold Medal Edition or Bad to the Bone Edition.

More #ZeroFuckupdates will be shared soon! For now, check out this drop-kicking bad ass FUnicorn animation, which is FREE to download here.

Mike Mignola's Monkey with a Gun in production now April 03 2015, 0 Comments

More information and images will be released here as they become available.

Preorder your Monkey with a Gun figure now, limited quantities available of the Bone and Bronze editions.

We are including a free Monkey with a Gun print for customers who place their preorder before April 9. Print will be based exactly on the Mike Mignola illustration that served as the inspiration for this sculpture. Images of that print to follow in later blog posts.

Four Horsies of the Pocalypse Kickstarter is now FUNDED, Stretch Goals revealed! February 05 2015, 0 Comments

We are very happy to announce that the Four Horsies Kickstarter reached its funding goal last week, with over 2 weeks remaining in the campaign! So the Four Horsies figures (Raven, Clash, Ghost and Calamity) will definitely be made. These will be approx 4 to 4.5" tall each, produced in the same colorways and production sizes as the Maddies. That's 1000 sets of the original painted colorway, 300 sets of GID and 200 sets of the Clear Spirit World colorway.

Since the campaign is funded and raising more money, we are moving into Stretch Goal territory, which means we give back and make more items! As of today, Stretch Goal #1 has been reached, so all backers at $100+ receive a FREE Four Horsies button pack and a FREE Four Horsies sticker pack.

The next Stretch Goals are even more exciting, as they will involve the reveal and unlocking of MORE Four Horsies variant figures- each with an additional accessory and a Kickstarter-exclusive color variation.

Click through to the Kickstarter to read more and back this project!

Spirit World Clear Little Maddie now available February 05 2015, 0 Comments

Clear Spirit World Maddies now available: the most limited Maddie colorway yet, with just 200 made. Very few left to sell. Click through to the Maddie product and make sure to select the Clear colorway from the drop down menu when you order.

Little Maddie is now available in original and Spirit World Clear colorways February 05 2015, 0 Comments

Now available: Little Maddie in both the original colorway and the super-limited Spirit World Clear colorway. Click here to purchase Maddie and other Four Horsies items.

ZEROFUCKSFRIDAY: The FUnicorn is now available for preorder! October 17 2014, 0 Comments

It's ZeroFucksFriday, that most holy of days when we sit back, relax and stop giving a fuck!

Today is a very special ZeroFucksFriday because today we are releasing a herd of stampeding FUnicorns out into the world to recognize all the Zero Fucks Heroes out there! Reward your Zero Fucks Hero with an FUnicorn Gold Edition, and grab the Original Colorway for yourself. And for that person in your life that does not and has never given a single fuck, the FUnicorn Bad to the Bone Edition is for them. FUnicorns were designed and developed by Bigshot Toyworks. They measure 7 inches tall each and are cast in resin.

Preorder the FUnicorn of your choice now for only $69 each. Shipping Q1 of 2015.

Coming soon: Monkey with a Gun, based on the art of Mike Mignola September 15 2014, 0 Comments

Coming soon to the Bigshot Toyshop: Monkey with a Gun, based on an illustration by Mike Mignola.
This 9.5-inch tall resin figure is lovingly crafted after Mike's iconic illustration, and all customers preordering before April 9th, 2015 will get a signed letterpress print of the image along with their figure. Release info will be posted soon. Only available at the Bigshot Toyshop.