When will my order ship?

All orders ship as soon as possible once the stock arrives. Our warehouse ships once per week. This means you could experience a delay of up to 7 days between your order and the date that your item ships, provided all items in your order are in stock. Many items on this site are PREORDERS- they have not yet been produced, or have not yet arrived at our warehouse.

I ordered an item 6 months ago! Where is it? Why is this taking so long?

Bigshot Toyworks is a design studio, which means we do the initial 3D sculpting work on toys and collectibles BEFORE most of our clients release info on those toys to their customers. Since we do the development on our own toys ourselves, we can show you images and set up preorders for our own products WAY earlier in the development stage than most other toy companies.

We often set up very early preorders here on this site to gauge response and determine how many of that item to make.

In other words, if you have placed an early preorder for an item on this website which we have not yet produced, you may have to wait the full amount of time that it takes to actually produce a toy - that's 9 months from inception (our renders) to delivery.

Yes, it's a long time to wait. Unfortunately the production process and subsequent sea shipping cannot be sped up. To avoid waiting for many months for preordered products to arrive, you can always delay your order until we are closer to our ship date.

We notify customers about our incoming shipments via email - we have several email lists set up for this purpose in the footer of this website. You do not have to place an order to get onto any of our email lists.


I want to buy both an in-stock item and a preorder item at the same time. Can I do that?

We recommend against this. Due to the way shopping carts calculate postage costs, we have to ship all items in each order in one shipment. If you order one in-stock item and one preorder item together in the same order, you will have to wait until the preorder item arrives for us to ship your order. Better to place 2 separate orders, unless you don't mind waiting.

What is the tracking number for my package?

All tracking numbers are emailed to you automatically once we've shipped. Check your email or log into your account on this site. If you have not received a tracking number via email, we have not yet shipped your order.

Your stuff is cool. I have an idea for a toy. Can you make it for me?

Yes we can, if it's the right project for us. Please email projects@bigshottoyworks.com to tell us about your proposed project. Please note that it is very expensive to produce toys (tens of thousands of dollars) and it is not financially viable to produce small numbers of them. If you cannot sell 1000 pieces or more, or you do not have a plan for distribution, producing a toy in large numbers is probably not a good idea.