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About Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian:

The Forbidden City has always had protectors. Even today, the great Guardian Lions stand at the ready, awaiting their call to action... and if you were to look close enough, your eyes would fix upon the next generation: Shi-Shi! 

She will bend the elements to her will. She will forge her tiny stone body into bronze...  then marble...  then steel!  Unyielding and stoic, her eyes blazing with mystical potential... and sometimes easily distracted by stray cats or a perfectly steamed dumpling. 

We expect a bit of mischief from one so small... but glorious destiny awaits Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian. Great things have small beginnings!

Product details:

The Shi-Shi blind boxed mini figures come in 2 styles (Sitting and Playing) and 4 color variants (Gold, Bronze, Jade and Stone) for a total of 8 different figures. They are mystery figures which means you don't know which figure you'll get in each box. The Playing figure is approx 2" tall and the Sitting figure is 2 parts (Shi-Shi and the Ball) and is about 3" tall when stacked.

This display case contains a full set of 9 blind boxed mini figures: the 8 regular figures listed above, plus a chase!