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We Like to Dream BIG!

Dream Big Friends is a project imagined by two friends working in the toy industry, who both oversee the creation of countless toys and collectibles of every shape and size for some of the biggest brands around.

It wasn't until they became parents, able to watch their own children as they play, learn and grow, that they came to realize there may be a better imaginative play experience for children. One that does not focus on blue or pink, super model or super hero, but instead focuses on dreaming big, doing what you love, and aspiring to be happy.

The goal was to create a series of 10-inch-tall, articulated dolls based on characters that are as smart, funny, inquisitive and rambunctious as the kids we all know in our daily lives, and develop a story where these individuals live and grow. Out of that dream, Yuna and the Dream Big Friends were born as companions for kids all over the world.

Instead of focusing on fashion or action, we focused on aspiration, fun, and producing a creative play experience through exploration of the world around us. We set out to make something that we would feel genuinely GOOD about presenting to the entire planet, as well as to our own children.

We did not wish to cover our dolls in makeup or introduce them in the latest high fashion trends. We wanted to allow each character's unique qualities to shine through, packed with the basic things they would have on an average day when extraordinary things can happen. Our doll's primary accessory is possibility!

We've brought our project to Kickstarter in hopes of giving it the best chance at becoming a reality. More importantly, we are working through Kickstarter in the hope of finding an early audience who believe in what we are trying to achieve, and who understand the alternate choices we want to bring to kids around the world.

We've done all of the design, set up, preparation and hard work... now we need your help so that we can fully fund the tooling and production costs ... but most of all we need your help sharing this project with your friends!

We wanted our first doll, and all of her friends, to feel like very real characters filled with rich stories and personality - vessels for your imagination. We think that her design is simply beautiful, just like we believe every person is beautiful regardless of height, color or body type.

We are all beautiful in our own way, and we can be anything we can imagine.

Our wish is that Yuna and her Dream Big Friends will encourage all kids to embrace what makes them who and what they are, inside and out.

Let's Meet Yuna!

  • BIG DREAM: To one day establish her own commercial rocket company. She believes she is destined to go to Mars.
  • BIG LOVE: Rockets, photography, painting and drawing.
  • BIG MOVES: This summer her art will be featured in a group show at the Giant Robot gallery.
  • BEST FRIENDS: Jenica, Pepper, Traci, Sofia and her cat Kamata.
  • LIKES: Space, rockets, art, painting, die cast metal toys from Japan, digital cameras from Akihabara. Hanging out at Giant Robot on Sawtelle Blvd.
  • FOOD: Yakitori in the alley near Shinjuku Station

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